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Blogging Certifications

Get Certified in Blogging (formerly Sharebait) and prove that you know what it takes to create high-level content that readers love. For creatives who want to write blog content, get certified to be a Blogger.

Editor Certifications

Are you a skilled editor that can correct, condense, and organize copy to improve its flow and syntax? Get Certified to be an Editor or Proofreader and prove that you can catch mistakes that others often miss.

Travel Writing Certifications

Do you love learning about new places and writing overviews about cities, adventures, and travel experiences? Get certified in travel writing and prove that you can create articles on travel overviews and experiences.

Product Copy Certifications

Prove that you know what type of copy can turn a reader into a customer, and get certified in Product Copy. If you think you can write copy, prove it. Become a Product Copy Writer.

Infographic Certifications

Marketers and creatives who want to prove that they know what makes an engaging and interesting Infographic can get certified in Infographics. Then writers and designers who want to create Infographics can become Certified Infographic Writers and Designers.

Illustrator Certification

If you are a talented designer who can depict a story or visually represent information on a particular subject in a creative and stylistic way, become a Certified Illustrator.

Interactive Developer Certification

Are you an awesome interactive developer who can program and design apps, games, and programs that attract and engage audiences? Become a Certified Interactive Developer.