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Certify & Join The Best Creatives In The World

The Copywriting Certification proves that you not only understand the basic principles of high-level article content,  but that you can write it. It is one thing to know about something and another to be able to create it. Earning the Copywriting Certification is a pre-requisite to becoming eligible for article writing assignments through CopyPress.

Certification Requirements

1. Earn the Copywriting Badge

Earning the Editorial Badge is a pre-requisite to taking earning the certification. If you haven’t yet earned the badge, please do that first.

2. Complete a practical test

You will need to write and submit an article (unique or previously written) with a word count of 500 (+25) words. This assignment is unpaid and you retain the rights to the content. When you click “Start Test” below you will be taken to a submission page. Follow the detailed instructions on the page.

3. Accept and complete 2 article assignments for 2 separate campaign (paid .05/word)

If you pass the practical test (allow 5-7 days for feedback), you will then be required to accept and complete 2 articles for 2 different campaigns inside our CMS. These will be paid (.05/word) assignments and are required before you can take on higher-paying projects.

This gives our team a chance to see what you can do and also allows you to become more familiar with our CMS and the workflow. Consider this your “first impression” with our campaign managers. Try to practice excellent communication, timeliness with deadlines, and of course, quality written work.