Community Press: Art and Philosophy

Hello! This week’s CopyPressed featured post comes from Morgan Simpson, who wrote an article about transitioning to a  more professional social media presence. Many college students initially create Twitter accounts for fun, then have to change their handles, censor their tweets, or completely start over when they enter the marketing/journalism industries. Here’s how you can clean up your personal accounts.

Transitioning Your Social Media from Personal to Professional

As many young professionals enter the work force, they are faced with a seemingly minor issue: how to transition their social media accounts from personal to professional. I say seemingly minor because it is likely a problem that is overlooked initially, only to be fully realized few months down the road. With social media […]

From around the web we’re comparing writing to art and philosophy with blogging advice from Picasso and content no one reads. We also introduce the sales funnel and its importance to writers and bloggers. Enjoy!

Your Keyboard is the Brush: Pablo Picasso’s Blogging Advice

Having a blog is much like creating art. It takes dedication, hard work, and a heavy dose of creativity. Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest artists of all time, approached art the same way he approached life – with curiosity and dedication. Picasso’s philosophy on art and life can be applied to blogging and offers […]

Writing Content and Code Your Customers Love

As many of you know, creating remarkable content is a hallmark of both HubSpot as a company and the inbound marketing movement. But as a proud “geek” myself and someone who has also spent a fair amount of time writing code, I’m a strong believer that best-in-class companies need both remarkable products and promotion […]

If No One Reads Your Content, Does it Really Exist?

If no one reads or sees your blog post does it really exist? Existentialism aside, if no one sees or reads your post it does not exist … at least in the sense of providing you any benefit: No brand or thought leadership is built. No call-to-actions (CTA) are seen. No landing page form […]

What is a Sales Funnel and Why Should Content Creators Care?

“What the heck is a sales funnel?” I remember that thought going through my mind when I first started to get serious about my blogging. I forget where I first saw the term, but I certainly didn’t know the definition of sales funnel or why it mattered to me as a blogger. More and […]

How to Promote Technical Content When You’re Not an Expert

One challenge many marketers face is promoting highly technical content when they aren’t exactly experts. Here are my tips on how you can reach the right audience by leveraging the right resources. This week, we’re debuting a new report on SaaS metrics here at OpenView. As a content marketer, I really don’t spend too […]

Feeling stuck? Read this.

Is your gut  filled with sharp stress knots? Do you feel so stuck that you feel there’s no way out? I feel your pain. I’ve been there. And it’s not fun.There are times in your professional (and personal) life when things seem completely hopeless. You hate your job, yet you can’t see a way […]