Community Press: Targeting Moms and Kryptonite

Good morning. Usually I like to keep Community Press about writing tips and tricks, but a few articles this week are different. The first provides an in-depth look at the mommy market and the second talks about the future of the newspaper industry — particularly the Washington Post in the hands of Jeff Bezos. Tell what you like in the comments!

The Blogger’s Kryptonite

When I was starting out on my social media journey, I blogged a lot. I blogged for {grow} of course. I blogged for clients. I did guest posts. I wrote for the Rutgers University blog. I did posts to help out friends. Some days, it was not unusual for me to crank out 4-5 […]

How to Write an Introduction [Quick Tip]

It’s the dreaded cursor-on-a-blank-screen experience all writers — amateur or professional, aspiring or experienced — know and dread. And nowhere does it plague writers more than when they’re writing their intros. I mean, you already have a blog post you want to write. Can’t you just dive in and write it? Why all the […]

Should You Write Your Headline First or Last?

There’s been a lot written on why you should write your headline before writing a blog post. But there’s been an equal amount of content published arguing the exact opposite. While both sides argue passionately about their stance, what if I told you that in the end, it doesn’t really matter when your headline […]

7 Best Author Box Plugins for Word Press

If you are already using Word Press on your blog or website you surely know the power your company can achieve with plugins, and how important they are. Not only they help us to cover a lot of needs, but they are easy to use and install and have a great community that supports […]

The Mom Market Is Tougher Than You Think

Market research suggests that selling to moms is a slam dunk. They make the majority of household decisions, their purchasing power is through the roof, they spend lots of time online and on smartphones, and they love sharing their opinions with friends. So, if we just make a product that moms will love, they’ll […]

Jeff Bezos Likes Print, and Thinks Readers Will Pay for a Bundle of News — But is He Wrong?

Like a visiting dignitary from another world, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos descended on the Washington Post newsroom on Wednesday to meet with editors and reporters at the newspaper he recently acquired for $250 million, and by most accounts the reaction from the somewhat shell-shocked staff was surprisingly positive. That could have something to do […]