Digital Media Team FAQs

How are digital media contractors selected for projects?

Contractors who consistently do the best work are given priority in assigning. Consistently submitting quality work will improve a contractors chance of receiving more assignments. Conversely, consistently submitting sub-par work will decrease a contractors chance of receiving more assignments.

How do I know when I have a project?

When work is available, our Digital Media Manager will select a contractor who best fits the project scope and send them an assignment notification. Assignment notifications include a Creative Brief and a specified deadline for either a Wireframe or a First Draft. This deadline you must confirm or reject.

How do I accept/reject a project?

Contractors accept/reject a project by responding to the assignment notification. Always accept or reject an assignment as soon as possible. Contractors have 12 hours to accept an assignment. If the assignment is not accepted within 12 hours, it will be offered to another contractor.

When are projects due?

A production schedule will be included in the assignments details. If a contractor feels that the time frame may be an issue, they must address the issue immediately. With every task that pertains to a project, a deadline will be presented to the contractor at which point they must confirm or reject. Any non-confirmation of suggested deadline within 8 hours will be taken as a non-verbal agreement to deadline and you will be held accountable.