Getting Started FAQs

What is CopyPress Community?

CopyPress Community is a free content marketing educational portal, multimedia training facility, and networking center for creative entrepreneurs. We’re dedicated to helping online creatives build, improve, and manage their professional lives. Learn more About Us.

Who is CopyPress Community for?

CopyPress Community is for all online creatives including writers, bloggers, journalists, designers, videographers, advertisers, developers, and content marketers. It is also for anyone interested in learning about marketing for their business or brand.

How can I work with CopyPress?

  1. Create a CopyPress Community account. Registration is 100% FREE and super simple. Anyone can access our library of free guides, but you must be a registered user to earn badges and certifications, and to qualify for paid freelance work through CopyPress.
  2. Log in and complete your profile. and add your bio, interests, portfolio samples, and links to your social profiles so other like-minded creatives and advertisers can find you in the member’s directory.
  3. Read through our Guides. Our free guides are the first step to mastering topics and skills that qualify you to work for CopyPress.
  4. Earn badges on topics that interest you. After you complete a guide you can take a short multiple choice test to prove your understanding and earn a badge that shows everyone in the community that you know your stuff.
  5. Get certified to create content. Once you have the badge in a certain topic you can take it to the next level and get certified! To certify you must show that you not only understand the topic but that you can do it (i.e. write a blog post, create a data visualization etc.). Certification is a pre-requisite to getting paid work through CopyPress.
  6. Apply for freelance work via the Community Job Board. Browse through our current freelance openings and apply for positions in writing, designing, and developing.

For more specific questions about working with us (workload, payments, taxes, etc.) , please see the CopyPress Freelancer FAQs.

I’m interested in becoming a certified Writer/Designer/Illustrator/Developer, etc.

See our full list of Certifications or see all the guides, badges, and certifications specific to writers and editors or designers and developers.

Should I become certified if I don’t plan on working with CopyPress?

Of course. The majority of our content is universal for improving skills (although some of our guides contain small sections specific for working with CopyPress). Not only will you be able to brush up on your knowledge with our free training, but getting certified will:

  • Give you access to valuable feedback and insights from the CopyPress team. All written/practical exam results include thorough critiques.
  • Let your clients/employer know you’re continuing your education and improving your skill sets.
  • Earn a badge or certification for your Community profile.
  • Build your resume.

When will I know if I passed the written/practical exam for a certification?

Results will be emailed to you within 5-7 business days of your test submission. If you still haven’t heard back after that amount of time, please contact

I’m certified and completed the HR onboarding process but haven’t received my first assignment yet. When will this happen?

Our workload is heavily influenced by our client orders, so our available workload for contractors can fluctuate from week to week. Expect to wait around 3-4 weeks to receive your first assignment.

Don’t see your answer here?

Check the Writer FAQs and Digital Media FAQs.