Chapter 3 - Assignment Guidelines

Article Information

Assignments include the following:

  • Campaign Name – Name of project
  • Campaign Keyword – Name of individual assignment (within the campaign)
  • Start Date – Date assigned
  • Due Date – Assignment must be submitted by the writer on the due date at the specified time unless otherwise stated
  • No. of Words – The minimum number of words required for the assignment
  • Fields – Important specific assignment requirements (relevant fields will be defined in the Style Guide)
    • These fields are not optional. If they have information, this information must be included/applied.
  • Editor/Copywriter – Assigned writer and editor
  • Style Guide – Guide of specific instructions for the assignment
    • This is the most important section of the Article Information
    • Read the Style Guide prior to starting any assignment

    Copy Writer Management Version 1.01

All of the article information must be incorporated into each assignment. Please carefully review the article information before accepting and beginning your assignment. Submitted assignments that do not adhere to the article information will be returned for edits.

Topics/Ideas for Content

Sometimes CopyPress writers will be responsible for coming up with the ideas for the content. Other times they will be given the following information:

  • Title – Exact headline of the article
  • Article Direction – A brief 1-3 sentence explanation of what the article should be about
  • Resource Links – Websites that provide broad or specific information that supports the title and article direction

Whether you have been given or have created a topic, you are responsible for taking that idea and building it into a stronger concept by adding supportive, concrete concepts that add value and substance to your content.

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