Chapter 3 - Assignment Guidelines

CopyPress Graphic Requirements

Placement and Number of Graphics

The number of graphics in your content will be dictated by the focus (text or graphic), word count, and delivery of your content.

CopyPress writers are generally required to add at least one graphic to every article. They may also be required to add additional graphics (under other subheadings) when there are available graphics that are relevant, vital, and supportive to the text. These graphics can include screenshots of webpages and apps, videos, explanatory images, etc.

But each assignment is different so check the Client Style Guide for image requirements on each assignment.


When dealing with digital graphics, sizes are measured in units of pixels. CopyPress requires that all graphics be at least 300-600 pixels wide.

Whenever possible, use or resize images so that they are the same size. Keep in mind that the image quality will be compromised and most likely not acceptable if you try to enlarge an image that is less than 300 pixels wide.

How to Resize an Image in the CMS

  • Once the image is inserted, click on the image in the article content
  • Select the insert/edit Image icon (tree icon)
  • Select the appearance tab
  • Make sure the constrain proportions box is checked
  • Change the first dimension to a number within the range of 300-600 (500 is best)
  • Hit tab
  • Select update
  • Go back and view the image in the article content
  • Not all images can be resized to the proper size. If an image is too small (and becomes distorted when enlarged), find another image


The clarity of a graphic is determined by the DPI or Dots Per Inch. CopyPress requires that all graphics be at least 72 DPI. Any graphic below 72 DPI may appear blurry or distorted.

Always avoid using clip art images.


Don’t use images or graphics with watermarks or a typed copyright on them.

Image Orientation

  • The orientation (or direction) of a graphic can either be horizontal or vertical.
  • Horizontal images generally look better on webpages so use horizontal graphics whenever possible (although both horizontal and vertical images are acceptable).

Alignment in the CMS

  • Unless otherwise stated in the client style guide, don’t set graphic alignment.
  • When an image is not set, it will automatically align to the left in the article box.
  • To make sure your image is not set in the CMS:
    • Click on the image
    • Select the tree icon insert/edit image button
    • Select the appearance tab
    • Select alignment “Not Set”
  • To align images to right, left, or center in the CMS:
    • Click on the image
    • Select the desired alignment from the toolbar


Unless otherwise stated in the Style Guide, only use Creative Commons images from Flickr that are licensed for commercial reuse. You are not permitted to use images that are not licensed for commercial reuse.


  • Include attribution as directed by the Style Guide or CopyPress directions.
  • Do not use captions unless otherwise directed by the Style Guide.


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