Chapter 3 - Assignment Guidelines

Headlines and Subheadings


Enter the headline into the Article Title on the Article Page. The Client Style Guide will advise if the article headline has been provided or if you need to create a unique headline.

If you are responsible for creating a unique and engaging headline for your article, please review our copywriting training section on Headlines and Subheadings.

Article Title

Capitalize headlines in the following way:

  • Capitalize the first and last words.
  • Capitalize all nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
  • Do not capitalize articles, conjunctions, and prepositions unless they are four letters or longer.


Subheadings should be used to break up bulky text and signify a shift in the article.

  • Do write subheadings in the same manner as a headline.
  • Do format subheadings with the same capitalization rules as used for headlines.
  • Do use relevant keywords when it is natural to do so.
  • Do use the following Title Tags:
    • Primary Subheadings – Heading 2
    • Secondary Subheadings – Heading 3
    • Tertiary Subheadings – Heading 4

Title Tags. You must use title tags on all subheadings. A title tag is a formatting feature that can be assigned to a line of text within the CMS.

How to Set Subheading Title Tags in the CMS:

  1. Place cursor on the line of the subheading text
  2. From the format drop down box select the text type (Heading 2, Heading 3, etc.)

Title Tag

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