Chapter 3 - Assignment Guidelines

Rules for Writing

  • Use AP style.
  • Be clear and concise in your writing.
  • Avoid overly long and run-on sentences.
  • Maintain the same tense throughout your content.
  • Use the active voice. Avoid the passive voice.
  • Avoid unnecessary filler words.
  • Avoid empty, overly used adjectives, such as “good,” “great,” “terrific,” “fantastic,” “easy,” “fun,” “unique,” etc.
  • Avoid unnecessary repetition of ideas.
  • Make sure the level of detail is consistent across the board.
  • Avoid broad, generic statements or “fluff content” that does not inform the reader.
  • Be specific. Provide exact figures rather than using vague words or phrases, such as “a few,” “several,” “many,” etc.
  • Use transition words when necessary between paragraphs, such as “meanwhile,” “additionally,” “what’s more,” “likewise,” “moreover,” “plus,” etc.
  • Use serial commas. A serial comma should be used in a series. It comes before the conjunction.  An example of using a serial comma: Portugal, Spain, and France.
  • Do not include timely references.
  • Do not write negatively about your topics.
  • Do not use profanity or make fun of any group of people.
  • Include the client’s name only as it is listed on the article page.
  • Nudity is never acceptable, and sexuality must be relevant to the topic.
  • Watch comma use.
  • Do not put ampersands (&) in any of the copy, including headers.
  • Put book titles in quotes; don’t italicize them.
  • AP style dictates to never use italics.

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