Chapter 2 - Assignment Process

For Editors: How to Complete an Assignment

1. Accept the Assignment

You must Accept an Assignment before it will show in the Article List. (The deadline for editors is listed in the assignment details. If it is not listed, assume the deadline is 24 hours after the writer’s deadline.)

2. Receive notification

Once the writer submits an assignment, you will receive an email notification. The email will indicate if:

The article has passed the plagiarism check – If so, proceed with the following steps.

The article has failed the plagiarism check – If so, refer to the section of this manual on Plagiarism.

3. Select the campaign

From the homepage in the CMS, select the Campaign under Campaign Overview.

4. Select the article

Find the article in the list, and click the blue Approval and Comments button in the right hand column.

5. Review the article information

Each assignment has unique article information located along the right-hand side of the article page. Review this information so you can confirm that the writer has followed the given directions.

6. Review the Style Guide

The article information will include a link to the Style Guide. Read the Style Guide so you can confirm that the writer has followed the given directions.

7. Communicate with your project manager

If you have any questions about the assignment Style Guide or brief, contact your project manager immediately. You want to make sure all of your questions are answered before you begin editing.

8. Read through the article

It helps to read through the article once before making any changes.

9. Correct mechanical errors

Correct all spelling, punctuation, grammar, and AP Style errors in the article content.

10. Save the article

Continue to save an incomplete article by clicking on the blue Save button under the content box. We recommend that you save frequently to avoid losing work. We also recommend saving work outside of the CMS, in a Word doc or Google doc, until the work is client approved. This protects you in case there is a CMS error.

11. Check for adherence to guidelines

Confirm that the article meets the guidelines given in the article information, Style Guide, and CopyPress Writer Requirements.

12. Fact check

Confirm that all facts, product specs, and proper names are accurate.

13. Check images

Confirm that the images in the content are inserted properly and meet the guidelines given in the Style Guide and CopyPress Graphic Requirements.

14. Check links and resources

Click on all links to make sure they lead to the correct webpage. Confirm that the writer has inserted resource links when required.

15. Give article rating

Choose a rating based on the writer’s performance. An article warrants ten stars if you don’t need to make any changes. Decrease a point for each instance of the following:

  • content did not adhere to specific details of the Article Information
  • content did not adhere to specific requirements and/or directions of the Style Guide
  • article was poorly written (was not compelling, engaging, or interesting)
  • content included spelling errors
  • content included punctuation errors
  • content included grammar/syntax errors

16. Provide feedback

Use the comment box to provide any comments for the writer. Leaving feedback shows the project managers which changes you made, and also helps the writer improve. Try to always leave feedback on your work.

17. Submit the article

You may submit the article by choosing to:

  • Request edit – The article needs additional work by the writer and will be returned for edits. Request edits via directions in the comment box. DO NOT request an edit if there are minimal mistakes that you can correct yourself. Request an edit anytime a writer doesn’t follow the basic directions of the assignment and/or it will take more than the suggested editing time to correct the writer’s mistake. (Suggested editing time is roughly 3 minutes/100 words.)
  • Editor approve – The article is free of mechanical errors and follows all guidelines. It will be sent to the client for approval.

18. Check your email

Remember your assignment is not complete until it has been client approved. Continue to check your email in case a client edit request is required.

Work may be edit requested by the client while you are marked as away. If you are taking days off, please keep in mind that the work is still your responsibility until it is client approved.

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