Chapter 2 - Assignment Process

For Writers: How to Complete an Assignment

1. Accept the Assignment

You must Accept an Assignment before it will show in the Article List.

2. Go to the Articles List in the CMS

The Articles List is located under the Articles tab. 

3. Go the Article Page

Find the article in the list, and select the blue Add Article button in the Action column.

4. Review the Article Information and Style Guide

Each assignment has unique Article Information and a link to the Style Guide on the article page. Review this information before you begin writing.

Always read the Style Guide prior to starting any assignment as it includes detailed assignment directions.

The style guide link will open the PDF in your browser or download a version to your computer depending on your browser’s settings. If you are unable to open the style guide, please email for assistance.
Copy Writer Management Version 1.01

5. Add your article

You may type your article directly into Article Content box or copy and paste it from another word processing program.

To paste from Word, use the icon with the Word symbol and clipboard. Paste the content into the box. Please make sure to use this method, otherwise formatting can get messed up, causing issues in editing and delivery

6. Save your article

Continue to save an incomplete article by clicking on the Save button under the content box. We recommend that you frequently save to avoid losing work.

Save your article in a Word document or Google doc until work has been client approved. If you say the CMS simply didn’t save your work, this can be hard to prove. Saving your work someplace other than the CMS is the best way to ensure you do not lose your work, and that if the CMS does glitch and delete your work, you can prove it’s been done.

If the CMS does glitch, you lose your work, and it is not saved in the CMS, you may be required to write the article again without additional compensation, as you have been instructed to save work in a separate place. This is up to the project manager to decide on an individual basis.

7. Insert images

If you are required to use images in your content, you must insert them through the CMS. (How to Insert Images)

8. Grammar and spell check

Utilize the proofread feature by clicking on the small “ABC” Proofread Writing button. DO NOT rely solely on this proofreader to check your work. Run the content through an outside tool, such as Word or Grammarly, to check for mistakes.

9. Submit

Once your content is ready for editorial review, select the blue Submit button under the content box.

  1. A pop-up box will ask you to confirm that no changes were made or needed after the final proofread check.
  2. This is to confirm that the proofread check was the final action in writing as any changes made after a proofread check will not be reflected in the initial check.
  3. The proofread check should be the FINAL action before submitting.
  4. If you select yes, the article will submit.
  5. If you select no, the article will automatically go through a proofread check.

10. Check your email

Remember your assignment is not complete until it has been client approved. Continue to check your email in case an edit request is required. Work may be edit requested while you are marked as away. If you are taking days off, please keep in mind that the work is still your responsibility until it is client approved.

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