Chapter 2 - Assignment Process

How to Accept/Decline Assignment Offers

When CopyPress has an assignment or campaign that is a match for your skill set, we will notify you by sending an Assignment Offer.

1. Receive Assignment Offer Email

You will receive an assignment notification email with specific requirements, deadlines, and pay rates for all new assignments. You will have 12 hours (less for rush assignments) to accept/deny the assignment.

The assignment may be automatically declined if you do not reply within 12 hours. Do not ignore offer notifications even if you want to decline the offer. Continually failing to respond to assignment offers may result in the deactivation of your account.

2. Go To Assignment Acceptance Page

Log into the CMS. The Assignment Acceptance page is available under the Campaigns tab.

3. Accept/Decline the Assignment Offer

Select the box of the article(s) you would like to accept/decline and then select the accept or decline button at the bottom of the page.

4. View Assignment in the CMS

For writers, accepted articles will appear on the Articles page. For editors, hover over the Articles tab, and from the dropdown, select “My Articles.”

5. Check on the Status & Deadline

Select Add Article from the Articles List and view the article information and style guide.

The due date in the Article Information is the writer’s due date. The editor’s due date should also be included in the assignment details.

If the assignment information in CMS does not match the information in your assignment offer, contact your project manager immediately.

Copy Writer Management Version 1.01

Declined Assignments

Declined assignments (including automatically declined assignments, listed with the status “Auto Denied”) will be removed from your account as soon as they are reassigned to someone else. If you declined an assignment but are still receiving emails about this assignment, please double check that you declined. If you did decline or auto deny an assignment, please ignore the emails regarding that specific assignment from the CMS.  These emails will stop when the article has been assigned to someone else.

If the CMS says your article was declined, but you did not intentionally decline it – it was automatically declined because you did not accept it within 12 hours.

If you find it is taking a while for the article to be reassigned, please feel free to email the project manager directly to ask for it to be reassigned.


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