Chapter 2 - Assignment Process

How to Get Assignments

CopyPress only assigns work to certified creatives and creatives who have been hired for a specific campaign.

Completing a certification does not guarantee that a writer/editor will receive work from CopyPress. Certified writers/editors are added to our roster of working creatives  and will be offered projects only when we have a campaign that matches their skill level. Only high-quality creatives who continually provide awesome copy (that requires little editing) will be offered consistent projects.

What Impacts a Creative’s Workload?

The number of assignments that writers and editors receive relies on a few factors.

The Creative’s Skill Level

Writers/editors who consistently do the best work are given priority in assigning. Consistently submitting quality work improves a writer’s/editor’s score. Conversely, writers/editors can decrease that score by consistently submitting sub-par work.

Writer/editor skill level is based on the following categories:

  • Mechanics/Sentence Writing
  • Grammar/Spelling
  • Editing/Feedback
    • This includes communicating in a constructive way. Tone is important.
  • Client Requirements from Style guide

If the writer and editor ensure these categories are all up to high standards, they will be given the most work.

Failure to produce in even one of these categories can significantly reduce chances of work.

The Creative’s Status with CopyPress

New writers/editors may receive a very limited number of assignments until the writer/editor is comfortable with our process, system, and requirements. Once a writer/editor has proved that they can work in our system, they will receive more work.

The Creative’s Availability

CopyPress asks certified writers/editors for their desired workload. There is no minimum or maximum number of articles you must complete in a week.

  • For Blog Writers: How many 500-word articles they would like in any given week.
  • For Copy Writers: How many 100-word articles they would like in any given week.
  • For Editors: How many hours they would like to work in any given month.
  • For Specialty Campaigns (anything that is not general Blog Content or Copy): How many 500-word articles they would like in a given week.

Those numbers help us determine how much work we can assign to each writer/editor, but as stated above, we always assign our highest level contractors their desired workload first. Please notify with any changes to your requested workload.

The Creative’s Community Profile and Portfolio

When CopyPress brings on new campaigns and we need writers with experience in a specific niche market or industry, we search our member directory. Writers who have samples that match our needs will be offered assignments first. So it is extremely important to have a developed Community profile that lists your experience and a complete portfolio that displays your past work.

CopyPress’ Workload

Our workload is heavily influenced by our client orders, so our available workload for writers can fluctuate from week to week.

How To Get More Assignments

All of these factors determine how much work our creatives receive. If you would like to increase the odds of getting assignments you can:

  • Submit another practical test if you received a B or lower on your certification. Writers who receive A’s on their tests will receive the most assignments (unless their scores decrease due to poor performance).
  • Send a request to increase your availability to via the instructions above.
  • If you have a blog, apply for more opportunities by going to
  • Apply for more opportunities. Use our job board to find out how to get involved with more CopyPress campaigns.
  • Complete your Community profile so that all of your experience is listed and all of your writing samples are available. CopyPress often uses the Community network to find writers for special campaigns.
  • Follow directions. Submit your work on time. Do awesome work.
    How a writer/editor performs and manages work directly impacts the number of assignments they receive. Submitting work late, failing to following directions, using a rude tone when communicating, and submitting low quality work will decrease the chances that writers/editors will be assigned.

    Do not email editors or project managers requesting more work.

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