Chapter 2 - Assignment Process

Who Works on an Assignment?

Each assignment has a team responsible for its full completion.


The writer is responsible for creating a unique article based on specific project guidelines.


The editor is responsible for checking the article’s mechanics and adherence to project guidelines. If an article does not comply with the given requirements, the editor will submit edit requests and instructions to the writer.

***Not all assignments will include full editing. The writer should not rely on an editor to correct their mistakes. The writer should consistently submit content that is client ready.

Project Manager (PM)

The project manager is responsible for providing the writer with guidance on the assignment’s unique requirements. Writers/editors should notify the project manager of any issues and questions about the assignment details and deadlines.

The project manager should be communicated with via email, not through the comments section of the CMS. Do not assume if you leave a comment for the PM in the comments that it will be reviewed immediately. Direct email is the best way to communicate with project managers.

Contacting the Team

All assigned writers/editors are listed on the Article page in the CMS. Writers and editors can communicate via the comment box on the Article page.

All assigned project managers and their contact information is listed in the assignment offer email and style guide.

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