Chapter 5 - Getting Paid

Finding and Approving Invoices

Within eight business days following the end of the pay period, you’ll receive an email asking you to approve your invoice. You must log into the CMS, review your invoice total and approve it within 48 hours of receiving the email. After 48 hours, your invoice will be automatically approved by management.

If you have any issues with your invoice you must disapprove it and contact CopyPress Payments ( immediately.

How to Find and Approve Your Invoices:

1. Open the Payment Summary

From the CMS Dashboard select “Click here to view your pay summary” under Payment Overview. This is on the right side of your CMS dashboard.

2. Select the Invoice Pay Period

In  the Month drop-down box, select a pay period. Pay periods are written in the following format: YYYY-MM(1 or 2). These invoice periods house your client approved content.

NOTE: Not all articles submitted or client approved on or around the same day will necessarily be placed in the same invoice pay period.

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3. Review Your Invoices

If there is a mistake on your invoice, contact CopyPress Payments ( immediately.

4. Approve Your Invoices

Select the blue Approve button.

If you disapprove an invoice and leave a memo, please do not be offended if you are emailed asking for an explanation. Remember to keep corresponded positive and respectful.

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