Chapter 5 - Getting Paid

Assignment Rates and Workload

Assignment rates vary by campaign and project, but the most common campaigns include the following rates.

General Copywriting

Copywriting assignments are almost always assigned at $.06/word.

  • $30: 500-word assignment
  • $60: 1,000-word assignment

Assignments include a provided headline, abstract (2-3 sentences of article directions), and 1-3 resource links that act as the basic instructions and guidelines for the article.

Product Copy Writing

Product Copy writing assignments (landing pages, product descriptions, basic copy) are usually paid between $.03-.05/word. Product copy is most commonly assigned at $.03/word.

The reason product copy assignments are paid out at a rate lower than general copywriting content is because the work requires less research and time. Assignments usually consist of rewriting existing content or turning a list of features into paragraph form.

Copy assignments are usually around 100 words each.

Copy Editing

General copy editing assignments are paid at $.01/per word.

Suggested editing time is roughly 3 minutes/100 words.

How Do I Get More Work?

If you would like to increase the odds of getting assignments you can:

  • Submit another practical test if you received a B or lower on your certification. Writers who receive an A on their tests will receive the most assignments (unless their scores decrease due to poor performance).
  • Send a request to increase your availability to via the instructions above.
  • If you have a blog, apply for more opportunities at
  • Complete your community profile so that all of your experience is listed and all of your writing samples are available.
  • Follow directions. Submit your work on time. Do awesome work. How writers and editors perform and manage their work, and interact with members of the CopyPress Community and staff directly impacts the number of assignments they receive. Submitting work late, failing to following directions, being rude, and submitting low quality work will decrease the chances that writers/editors will be assigned.

Passing your certification does not guarantee that you will receive work from CopyPress. Certified writers and editors are added to our roster of working writers and will be offered projects only when we have a campaign that matches their skill level. Only high-quality writers who continually provide awesome copy (that requires little editing) will be offered consistent projects.

Learn more about how CopyPress assigns work.

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