Chapter 1 - Welcome/Getting Started

Contact With CopyPress

While working with CopyPress, you should check your email and log into the CMS everyday to check for assignment offers.

NOTE: Please add “” and “” to your email safe list. This will prevent assignment notifications and other important emails from being sent to your Spam folder. Do not respond to these email addresses if you have a question. If you have a question about an assignment, email the project manager directly.

You should keep in contact with CopyPress and notify Community Management ( of any changes to your:

  • Account Information – Email Community Management with changes to address, name, email, banking information, etc.
  • Availability and Requested Workload – Update the CMS Availability Calendar and email Community Management with dates of unavailability.

Availability Calendar

Use the Availability Calendar in the CMS to mark off days you are unavailable for assignments. The Availability Calendar is located on the CMS Dashboard.

Click on the dates you are unavailable. A red “X” will appear through those dates. If you are unavailable, you will not receive assignments. Please check the Availability Calendar regularly to ensure that your availability is listed correctly.

NOTE: In addition to updating the calendar, email Community Management if you are going to be unavailable for more than two consecutive days.

Who Should I Contact?

  • I have questions about the details of a specific article or edit request. — Writers should contact the assigned editor. Editors should contact the assigned project manager. This should be done through the comments section of the article in the CMS.
  • I have questions about the details of a campaign as a whole (deadlines, pay rate, and style guides). — Contact the assigned project manager. This should be done via email. The project manager’s email address is listed in the assignment details. Do NOT leave comments in the CMS waiting for the project manager to answer.
  • I have a question about payment (payment method, payment dates, invoices, etc). – please contact
  • For all other correspondence, please contact Community Management ( This includes:
    • changes to HR account information
    • changes in workload and availability
    • issues with the CMS
    • concerns and questions about the Community as a whole
    • questions about payroll
    • questions about our overall editorial policy or conflicting editorial directions
    • issues with other Community staff members

NEVER contact a client or third-party regarding CopyPress assignments. Per our Contractor Agreement, writers and editors are bound by a covenant not to disclose information about their work with CopyPress.

How Do I Contact a Writer or Editor? Use the comment box on the Article page in the CMS.

How Do I Contact a Project Manager? All assigned project managers and their contact information is listed in the assignment offer email and style guide.

How Do I Contact Community Management? Email

If you email a question to any internal staff member or CopyPress department after Friday at 5:00 PM EST, you may not receive a response until Monday at 10:00 AM EST or later.

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