Chapter 5 - Editing

Test the Shareability

You are done researching, brainstorming, writing and adding graphics—you may think that your work is done, but it’s not.

Now that you have a complete piece of content in front of you, you can accurately analyze its shareability by asking yourself the following questions and performing the following actions:

  • Would you share the content?
  • What could you change and/or add to make it something you would share?
  • Stand back from the computer. How does the content look?
  • What could you do to make the format look better?
    • Bold words?
    • Shorten a paragraph?
    • Add bullets to a list?
    • Add a different image?
  • What word could you add to the headline to make it better?
  • What word could you remove from the headline to make it better?
  • How can you reword the subheadings to make them more interesting and informative?
  • Remember the most important question of all — why should the reader care?
  • Keep working until you can walk away from the content confident that it is something you would share, even if you weren’t the author.
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