Chapter 4 - Graphics

Searching for Images

There are options for finding both paid and free images for your content.

Paid Images

We recommend the following paid photo providers:

Free Images

The best place to search for free images is Flickr. It has a large database of images that are licensed for commercial reuse. When using these images, you can be absolutely sure that you are using images that do not have a copyright.

CopyPress is only accepting Creative Commons images from Flickr. Please do not use images from anywhere else unless specifically instructed to do so.

Use the Flickr option from the Creative Commons search page to search for images with a license for commercial reuse.

Or if you want to search directly from Flickr, you need to filter the results to show only images that are licensed for reuse. From the Flickr homepage, select the search icon then select Advanced Search.

Flickr Search

On the Advanced Search page enter your search term. Select “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content” and search

Flickr Advanced Search

Remember that you must properly attribute images when using images licensed for reuse.

Searching Tips for Finding Images

You should search for and use images that best support your content. Graphics should be relevant to the topic, but do not have to be completely literal.

Don’t simply search for the general topic or keyword. When writing a post “23 Ways to Make a Living Writing Blogs,” don’t simply search for the word ‘blog.’ Imagine other concrete ways to depict the information, then search for that specifically (Man at a Computer on the Beach, Professional Blogger, Hands on a Keyboard).

Take a few minutes to search for different ways to depict your content. Search for graphs, videos, infographics, memes, etc. that also match the topic.

Search Tips for Curating Images/Graphics

Rather than finding images simply to support your text, you can find and use images that become the main purpose of the text. Curating a group of photos, charts, memes, infographics, videos, or other media is a good way to create a post.

  • Search for the main theme of the content along with the type of graphic. Ex: dog infographics
  • Search for synonyms of words in the main theme along with the type of graphic. Ex: puppy infographics, pet infographics
  • If you find a lot of search results, try to drill down the theme and search for more specific themes. Ex: Benefits of owning a dog infographic, dog breed infographic
  • Use your findings to shape the direction of your content.
  • Depending on what your search results return, you may find that:
    • There aren’t enough graphics to show your original idea, and you will have to change your original idea.
    • There are better, more detailed ways to show your original idea, and you should change your original idea.
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