Chapter 1 - The Basics

What Makes an Idea a GOOD Idea?

Compelling online content relies almost entirely on one thing: A Good Idea.

An interesting approach to an old topic, a hilarious look at a boring subject, an extremely detailed guide of information. They all start with the same thing—the spark of something new and interesting.

A good idea is the heart of anything that is useful and awesome online. It is what separates desirable content from the rest of the noise on the Internet.

Sure, content can exist without a good idea, but it will be eternally ineffective. It won’t attract interest, create an impact, or drive any type of result. It will just take up online space.

In order for online content to make any type of online wave, it must be built upon the base of a good idea. This goes for all online content including:

  • Copy Content (blog posts, white papers, eBooks)
  • Image Graphics (infographics, memes)
  • Motion Graphics (videos, interactive infographics)
  • Presentations (webinars, podcasts)

So What Makes a Content Idea a Good Idea?

People browse the Internet for two main reasons:

  1. Search – They go to a search engine, social site, website, etc. and search to find something they are seeking.
  2. Share – They go to a social site, forum, website, etc. and share what they find or what they know.

So when it comes to identifying good online content ideas, we can judge ideas based on the level that they are searched for and shared. If an idea is widely spread around the Internet by a large group of people searching for and sharing the information, then the idea is a success.

These ideas are usually extremely valuable to audiences. They impress, engage, and connect with online readers by:

  • Fulfilling a need – By providing an extremely detailed solution to a problem or an answer to a question.
  • Fulfilling a want – By providing satisfaction or something the reader was looking for.
  • Offering enjoyment – By providing something unexpected: something the reader didn’t need or want, but was happy to find.

These valuable ideas are also searchable and shareable because they are concepts that people:

  • Can easily understand
  • Want to spread because they feel connected to them
  • Believe will enhance their power (reputation, income, friendship) or peace of mind by spreading

The rest of this guide will teach you how to create not just ideas, but good ideas that will be the core of online content that people will want to search for and share.

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