Chapter 5 - Design


Fonts evoke emotion, convey the tone of the message, and affect the way your audience perceives what they are reading.

Stop for a moment and think about your own handwriting. What does your handwriting infer about you? It may infer that you are fun, detail-oriented, messy, or lazy.

Whether those conclusions are true or not, the characteristics of your handwriting convey a message beyond the written word.

A message written in Comic Sans will come across less serious than it would in Times New Roman. The message itself is no different, but the font brings with it a story of its own. Use this to your advantage. Choose fonts that support your topic and enhance the tone and theme of your message.

Here are some sites to help you expand your font library for FREE:

Let’s Talk About Type

Typography is an important element of infographics. It’s not just knowing which type to use but also knowing how to pair different fonts and type styles together.

To learn more about fonts and typography, check out the CopyPressed series Let’s Talk Type, featuring:

Select a Font that Looks Good on the Page


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