Chapter 2 - Ideation and Research

How (and Where) to Search for Quality Stats and Facts

All of the previously mentioned elements of a good idea mean nothing if there aren’t quality facts or stats to back up the idea. So before you get excited about an idea, you absolutely have to be sure that there is enough data to back up your concept.

This is especially true for data visualizations.

It is very important that you perform good research before coming up with a complete idea. Never come up with an idea then search for the data to prove it. Always look for stats, data, and facts first, and then come up with an idea based on your findings.

Here are a few methods for searching for information.

Search the Client’s Previously Published Material

  • Look for any posts that share data findings.
  • Look for any results of surveys.
  • Or better yet, conduct a survey of your own if you have the opportunity.

Use Advanced Google Search to Find Recent Data

Nothing is worse than finding a good data set, only to see that the data is more than a year old. So use Google Search Tools to refine your search and find relevant, timely data.

Include the year in your search. Or use the “Search Tools” button to search for results from the past month.

online shopping statistics 2013 - Google Search 2013-07-22 13-57-43

Drill Down Your Search

When searching for data, start broadly and then drill down. For example, start with searching for “online shopping statistics.”

Then as you find interesting data, think about how you will break the data down into sections. Then search for the data to fit each unique section. Deeper searches may use queries like:

  • number of shoes bought online
  • amount of money woman spend online
  • Amazon gross sales

Data found from these searches is relevant to the main topic of online shopping statistics and would fit nicely into sections of the content of the infographics. So remember not to only search for the obvious, broad topic. Think about complementary information and search for that, too.

Don’t Settle on the Data That’s Given to You

When working with CopyPress, sometimes data and research will be given to you. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to go digging for more data on your own. Continue to search to find additional, useful data.

Search Data/Statistic Sites

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