Chapter 2 - Ideation and Research

What Makes a Good Infographic Idea?

A great infographic, like all good online content, starts with a good idea that is shareable.

In the CopyPress Ideation Guide, we look into what makes an idea shareable by first identifying why people use the Internet in the first place.

  • To Search – They go to a search engine, social site, website, etc. and search for something they want to find.
  • To Share – They go to a social site, forum, website, etc. and share what they find or what they know.

So when we aim to create a good idea for an infographic, we want it to be searchable and shareable. We need to create an idea that will connect with the client’s current audience as well as interest and entertain audiences that may be unfamiliar with the industry.

That idea needs to include a few things.

A Good Content Connection Hook

Good ideas and concepts are built by interesting connections. The best ways to build valuable connections include the following strategies:

  • Connect Deep Concepts and the Mind – Educational Hook
  • Connect Concepts and the News – Topical Hook
  • Connect Concepts and Unrelated Concepts – Fresh Spin Hook
  • Connect Concepts and Personal Identity – Self Interest Hook
  • Connect Concepts and Real Life – True Story Hook
  • Connect Concept and More Concepts – Curation Hook

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Emotional Appeal

The most shareable, viral content is layered with emotional appeal. Audiences share this content because when people feel, they care. When people care, they act. Audiences most share content that leaves them feeling: happy, angry, and/or shocked. But there are many emotions to choose from.

  • Ecstasy (Serenity /Joy / Humor)
  • Grief (Pensiveness / Sadness)
  • Vigilance (Anticipation / Interest)
  • Amazement (Distraction / Surprise)
  • Admiration (Acceptance / Trust)
  • Loathing (Boredom / Disgust)
  • Rage (Annoyance / Anger)
  • Terror (Apprehension / Fear)

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You should be able to explain your idea in one sentence. If you need more of an explanation, it is fair to say that your idea is too complicated for an infographic.

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It needs to be valuable by:

  • Fulfilling a Need – by providing an extremely detailed solution to a problem or answer to a question.
  • Fulfilling a Want – by providing satisfaction or something the reader was looking for.
  • Offering Enjoyment – by providing something unexpected—something the reader didn’t need or want, but was happy to find.

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The data and concepts in infographics must always be credible, true, and backed by real resources and references.

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Audience Interest

A good idea doesn’t mean much if it is not reaching the appropriate audience. Make sure to understand who the desired audience is, and create content that will interest them. 

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Keep all of this in mind as you start searching for information that will be the base of your infographic. For more information about how to come up with good ideas for infographics (or any other type of online content), check out the full CopyPress Ideation Guide.

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