Chapter 1 - The Basics

What’s Involved in Creating an Infographic?

As you can see, creating an Infographic is more than just writing and design; it’s an entire creative process. This guide will cover the main points of creation through three sections:

  1. Researching and Coming Up with Ideas
  2. Writing Infographic Content
  3. Designing Infographic Content

The guide will also explain the process that CopyPress uses to develop its infographics. Since our writers and designers collaborate to complete a final, polished infographic, every person involved in the creative process should understand what the other team members do, and why they do it.

The CopyPress Infographic Creation Process

Ideation team starts the process by: 

  1. Reviewing and researching data in the industry related to the client 
  2. Developing initial inspiration based on the data
  3. Further researching the idea to ensure that data is available to fully support the topic/idea
  4. Writing a short set of directions for the writer

Writers move forward by:

  1. Receiving a topic/idea for the infographic
  2. Further researching the topic/idea
  3. Writing the infographic content
  4. Providing ideas for overall design and links to graphics that will help the designer understand the vision for the IG
    • The writer is not required to submit ideas for color and fonts
    • The designer is not required to adhere to all writer design requests

Designers then complete the process by:

  1. Creating a visual representation of the written content provided by the writer
  2. Creating a design loosely based on the design ideas provided by the writer
    • The designer has the final word in all design elements

At any time the designer may return the infographic to the writer with requests for clarification, changes and/or questions.

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