How Much Does CopyPress Pay Writers?

The most common conversation we have with writers thinking about joining CopyPress relates to pay.

And rightfully so.

The question of compensation should be one of the first questions any freelancer asks before taking on work.

At CopyPress, we are upfront about our current pay rates, and we want to be completely transparent about the earning potential for all of our writers.

How Much Money Does a Sharebait Writer Make Per Assignment?

Sharebait assignments (aka blogs) are paid between $.05 – $.06/word. Sharebait is almost always assigned at $.06/word and assigned in one of two ways.

  1. $30 for a 500-word assignment
  2. $60 for a 1,000-word assignment

Assignments include a headline, abstract (2-3 sentences of article directions), and 1-3 resource links that act as the basic instructions and guidelines for the article.

How Much Money Does a Copy Writer Make Per Assignment?

Copy assignments (landing pages, product descriptions, basic copy) are paid between $.03-$.05/word. Copy is most commonly assigned at $.03/word.

The reason that copy assignments are paid out at a rate lower than Sharebait is because the work requires less research and time. Assignments usually consist of rewriting existing content or turning a list of features into paragraph form.

Copy assignments are usually around 100 words each and assigned in batches of ten. We recommend that writers always accept assignments in batches of 10 to 30.

  1. $30 for a batch of 10 100-word assignments
  2. $60 for a batch of 30 100-word assignments 

How Many Assignments Do Writers Receive?

shutterstock_101203375Assignment rate is only half of the equation when trying to determine how much money a writer has the potential to make. The other half of the equation is the number of assignments the writer receives.

Pay Rate of Assignment  x  Possible Number of Assignments  =  Full Earning Potential

The number of assignments that a writer receives relies on a few things.

1. Writer’s Skill Level

Writers who receive the highest scores on the written portion of certification testing are given priority in assigning. But those scores are not the final ranking for writers. Consistently submitting quality work improves a writer’s score. Conversely, writers can decrease that score by consistently submitting sub-par work.

Writers who consistently submit quality work receive the most work and make the most money. 

2. Writer Status

New and probation writers (writers who have worked on no more than five assignments) receive a very limited number of assignments until the writer is comfortable with our process, system, and writing requirements. Once a writer has proved their attitude to work in our system, they join our general writers community.

General writers who continue to do an excellent job may be asked to be an Expert writer. Expert writers:

  • are given assigning priority over all other writers
  • may be offered assignments with short and/or daily deadlines
  • may be offered unique, large scale assignments not offered to other community members

CopyPress handpicks Expert writers. We select these writers because they:

  • always submit their work on or before the deadline
  • always adhere to CopyPress Guidelines
  • always adhere to unique campaign requirements (and read every style guide)
  • always work with pride and professionalism

Writers who consistently submit quality work receive the most work and make the most money. 

3. Writer’s Availability

CopyPress asks certified writers to let us know their desired workload.

  • For Sharebait Writers: How many 500-word articles they would like in any given week.
  • For Copy Writers: How many 100-word articles they would like in any given week.

Those numbers help us determine how much work we can assign to each writer, but as stated above, we always assign our highest level writers their desired workload first.

Writers who consistently submit quality work receive the most work and make the most money. 

4. CopyPress Workload

Our workload is heavily influenced by our client orders, so our available workload for writers can fluctuate from week to week.  In the past, this was much more dramatic than it is today.

We know spikes and declines in workload is not ideal for our writers, so we’re constantly working on improving our production schedule so that our orders will provide a more balanced workload.

We admit lulls in CopyPress work occasionally do happen, but they have been far less frequent in the past few months and we are doing our best to prevent it in the future.

So Really, How Much Money Can a Writer Make?

shutterstock_110675843Writers first need to figure out how many words they feel comfortable writing per day.

Most of our Sharebait writers want about 2,000 words per day ( four 500-word assignments), and our copy writers usually request about 3,000 words per day (30 100-word assignments). At that rate:

  • Sharebait writers make $600/week or $31,200/year
  • Copy writers make $450/week or $23,400/year

But that is just the rate that is most frequently requested.

Many of our writers work for CopyPress and other clients at the same time — which is great. Part of the reason why we provide such extensive training is that we want to empower our writers to use their improved skill set to land a variety of clients and freelance assignments.

How Much You Really Make Is Up to You

In our last pay period (which is paid on a biweekly schedule), we had nine Expert writers make over $1,000, and four of those Experts make over $2,000.

What it boils down to: how much you make is up to you.

We can’t tell you how many words you should write in a given week. Our writers accept a variety of workloads based on their comfort and ability. And as long as we have the work, we will give those writers — who are consistently providing quality work on or before their deadlines — as much work as we can.

Writers who consistently submit quality work receive the most work and make the most money. And we want that to be the continuing trend.

The truth is we want our writers to make the most money they can. So help us help you. If you have any feedback on how we can better improve our process, let us know. Do you need further training or clarification in an area that will help you better succeed, let us know. We want to give creatives and advertisers a way to improve their professional lives and half of that equation is you. So let us know how we can reach our goal and help you improve your professional life.