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How to Create Content Ideas for a New Client [Infographic]

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A blank page can be an intimidating thing, especially when you are just getting started with a content project for a new client. But coming up with ideas isn’t as hard as it seems. Developing fresh ideas your client will love is as easy as following a few steps.

If you get to know the client, figure out what content will suit their needs, then use connection hooks and emotional appeals to create valuable concepts, you will end up with a client impressed by your ideas. For more information about how to come up with ideas that clients will love, check out the CopyPress Ideation Guide.


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Raubi Marie Perilli likes to write about what she eats, where she goes, and what she knows. She is the CopyPress Community Manager. You can follow her on Twitter and Google+.


  1. I LOVE this — it would make a a great poster, too. Maybe we can add it to our office as the only normal thing on the walls?

  2. This might be something to bring to vegas in poster form. I think people would really enjoy it.

  3. This is incredibly useful!

  4. Glad you guys like the IG. It’s one of those things that can help get the juices flowing when you are just really stumped on ideas.

  5. This is awesome, you rock! What would I do without you?

    Will embed and share! :)

  6. Thank you so much Raubi, great info and so easy to understand and utilize!!

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