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The State of Freelance Writing 2014 [White Paper]

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The past decade has created a chaotic writers’ market.

The decline of print, the introduction of online writing, and the fluctuating value of words has created a new, lawless writers’ market you could almost compare to the Wild West.

It’s a place where polarized views on the quality, cost, and value of writing have made setting appropriate expectations on writer rates and quality a complete free-for-all.

Now, it’s time to but the pieces back together.

The State of Freelance Writing 2014, supported by survey data from 249 writers, looks at what lead us to this chaotic landscape, the truth about our current situation, and what we need to do to return order to this complicated, wild writers’ market.

Take a look inside the State of Freelance Writing 2014 white paper or download your full copy now. Members can download their copy now. Non-members must register before accessing the full version of the study.

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Our State of Freelance Writing study and infographic caused a bit of controversy upon its initial publication. Find out what reactions about our study taught us about the real state of freelance writing.

Profile photo of Raubi Marie Perilli About Raubi Marie Perilli

Raubi Marie Perilli likes to write about what she eats, where she goes, and what she knows. She is the CopyPress Community Manager. You can follow her on Twitter and Google+.

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