I am a copywriter with 2 years of experience. I am also a psychology graduate, with focus on personal development, consultative psychology and work relations.

I also enjoy public speaking and teaching. I have experience with that with 6 public speaking events behind my back. Yet they are all in my own language.


Technology, Science, Fantasy Books, Psychology, Progressive Christianity, Heavy Music, Comedy, Tons of TV Shows and Movies



American Muscle Cars... In Europe

A longer article on which American muscle cars are actually driven in Europe.

Car Accidents: Explaining Those Statistics

An article, which aims to explain why we shouldn't be shocked by statistics and what the data actually means.

How to choose a Corvette Guide

A pretty straightforward guide on how to choose which Corvette to buy.

Alex Zanardi - The Choice To Not Give Up

An article on the life of Alex Zanardi and how he overcame a tragedy that should've ended his career.

Off-road: Manual vs Automatic

An article on Manual vs Automatic Gears when it comes to off-road driving.

Buying a Car and Shipping It out of State

A longer article, the title pretty much covers it. However, they have a pretty weird style guide that doesn't match AP style at all.