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How to ‘Humanize’ Your Blog to Drive Engagement

You want people to comment on your blog, to subscribe to your newsletter, and to connect with you. After all, it’s why you started a blog in the first place.

But it can be downright maddening when you’re churning out high-quality content and people still aren’t interacting with it.

Your blog posts may not be the problem at all. The problem may instead lie in your blog’s personal touch, the personality your team brings to it.

6 Steps To Writing Captivating Blog Post Intros Every Time

What do you do when your million-dollar blog post idea strikes?

You scramble to your computer, giddy with excitement, and type as fast as your little fingers are capable. If there were competitions for typing, you’d be taking home the gold.

When all your ideas are down on paper, you breathe a sigh of relief, read through your post one more time, and hit “publish.”

Only . . . where’s the engagement? No one seems to be making it past the headline, and you’re about ready to swear off any further ideas and ditch the whole blogging thing altogether.

Writing Your First Book? How to Avoid Self-Publishing Regrets

Have you written a story you’re eager for the world to see? If you just typed the words “The End” you’re probably anxious to see your book in print stat.

Then you might consider self-publishing. It’s a simple and fast publishing route that can help you see your book in print.

But slow down!

Married to the Job? 5 Tips to Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Blogging Career

People make it sound like being married to your career is a bad thing, but I beg to differ.

In our 3 years of marriage and 6 years as a couple, my husband and I have learned a thing or two about maintaining a healthy relationship. I’ve been at my freelance writing career nearly as long, and I’ve found that if you want to enjoy your career, you have to treat it much like you treat your spouse.

If you do that, your relationship with your job can be a positive one.

This Simple Website Tweak Will Lead to More Freelance Writing Jobs

If you have a website for your writing business, you undoubtedly have a single goal: You want to land freelance writing jobs.

That’s great! You should be using your website to reel in clients, but what if you’re not seeing results?

5 Secrets To Becoming a Communication Expert

Do you want to be a better communicator? Who doesn’t?

Not all of us are blessed with an innate ability to express ourselves through words. In fact, public speaking consistently ranks as the number one fear humans have. We fear public speaking even more than death!

It’s no surprise, then, that many of us have trouble communicating well on a day-to-day basis. If you’re one of these people who really has to work hard to communicate effectively, then you know how much of a struggle it can be.

How to Write Powerful Headlines that Will Conquer Social Media

No king heading into battle would go at it without a strong army to back him up. Here’s a quick way for him to conquer the land: Come in with a strong, powerful army to intimidate the rivals, sending them running for their lives before the battle begins.

You? You’re the king. Social media? Your battle ground. Your headlines? Your soldiers. The more powerful your headlines, the stronger your army.

The 4 Biggest Challenges Science Crowdfunding Faces

Crowdfunding is a viable solution to jumpstarting a high-cost project when you’re on a budget. Unfortunately, science crowdfunding can prove to be a challenge. The public isn’t always clear what the benefit of backing a project is, and it can be difficult to get the word out, among other major hurdles. Here are four of the biggest challenges science fundraising faces—and how you can overcome them.