I am passionate about writing and using analytics to connect content with the right audience. Since moving to Chicago in 2009, I have blogged and managed writers at several startup companies. I have also studied writing and improv at the Second City Theatre. While there I was taught two major principles I apply to all my writing projects: 1. economy of words 2. "Yes, and..." which means being open and flexible to changes.

Since working in the digital marketing field, I've developed a love of optimization and tracking and have become certified in Google Analytics. I have experience creating content calendars and coaching teams on best blogging practices. At my previous job, I wrote a weekly blog series on the trends in social media/digital marketing that became some of the company’s highest rated blog posts.

I have written for a variety of industries including nonprofit, HR, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, travel, the arts and B2B. For all my work, I believe in presenting the facts and a personality.


Writing, Comedy, Vintage Clothes


Chicgao, IL

Travel: Oh, the things you can do in Chicago

A piece for Explore Magazine, a Times Union travel publication, discussing what to see, do, and eat on a weekend getaway to Chicago.

Arguments and Grievances Will Make Your Sides Hurt

Review of the monthly Chicago comedy/debate show, Arguments and Grievances.

How to Live a Life of Yes

This is part of a series of classes I attended and reviewed for the class marketplace platform, Dabble. This is my review of the "How to Design a Life of Yes" class where we learned practical tips on how to live a fuller, more satisfying life.

How Smart B2B Companies Are Using Social Media

How top B2B companies, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and Cisco Systems, are leveraging social media to generate leads in creative ways.

Crowdfunding for Nonprofits

4 tips on how to raise money for your nonprofit when you have little time and no budget.

5 Ways Job Searching is Like Dating

Job searching, like dating, can be a bumpy ride. Here are the 5 ways the two activities are eerily similar.