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Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi for Digital Nomad Girls: Destination of the Month

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, has come a long way since the Rose Revolution in 2003. Overthrowing the post-Soviet government, the country started to look up to its western neighbors. Ancient architecture, a modern cultural scene, and Georgian hospitality are what make this country unique.

Your Guide to the Neighbourhoods of Madrid

When planning your trip to Madrid, the first thing you do after you book your ticket is probably to find accommodation and ask your good old friend Google where the best neighborhoods of Madrid are to stay.

Best Bars and Restaurants for FREE Tapas in Madrid

Tapas are a broad assortment of snacks or appetizer in Spanish cuisine. They are served either cold or hot along with a drink at a local bar. In some Spanish bars, tapas have developed into a full, stylish cuisine. The idea behind serving tapas with a drink is to encourage a conversation between people as they are not focused on eating the whole dish in front of them.

6 Hidden Gems of Tbilisi, Georgia

Since the Rose Revolution of 2003 and overthrowing a post-Soviet government, Georgia’s capital Tbilisi has changed a lot and shifted its touristic scene to a whole new level. Old architecture and historic buildings now blend in with eye-catching contemporary landmarks.

Our Honeymoon Destinations

I wrote articles on a romantic niche for Our Honeymoon Destinations site. Tha articles where listicle style and focus on following cities: Kiev, Bangkok, Tbilisi, Vienna, Krakow, Budapest, Prague, and Baku

8 Things to do in Vientiane to Capture the Culture of Laos

From the Xieng Khuan to visiting the vibrant night market, Baia Dzagnidze tells us all about eight of the best things to do in Vientiane to capture the culture and history of Laos' capital city.

9 Affordable Phuket Hotels with Direct Pool Access Rooms under $50

Once in awhile, everyone needs a small getaway to a tropical destination from our busy daily schedules. Sometimes we long to lay under the sun, enjoying a cocktail or coconut juice right beside the pool.


Are you looking for some different meals on your next culinary adventure? Then Georgia, the country located right at the crossroad of Europe and Asia should be on your bucket list. The cuisine, exclusive to the country, still got some influence from its neighbors and invaders dozens of centuries ago.