I have worked for the last 13 years as a professional clarinetist and am a great choice for specialized content dealing with instruments, music, opera, orchestra, and the performing arts. I have formal training in copyediting, proofreading, InDesign, WordPress, and managing social media for a literary journal. My other professional experience is in youth development, education, and food service. I'm passionate about helping others communicate what they love.


classical music, sailing, pastry, education, youth development, social justice, labor unions, public schools, civics, poetry, community organizing, travel, transportation, Americana, syntax, philosophy, my dog, comedy, teaching and tutoring, nonprofit


Southern California

Academic Paper, Music Theory Analysis of Mozart Piano Sonata

This is a sample of academic writing showcasing my specialized knowledge of classical Western music theory. I've also included this sample as an example of my research, analysis, and synthesis abilities.

Student Success Fee Academically Related Program Grant Proposal

I wrote and was awarded a grant through San Diego State University to fund the Poetic Youth Community Workshop Series, a series of poetry and creative writing lessons conducted by SDSU students in San Diego area schools and community centers. Part of this project also included organizing training sessions for SDSU student volunteers on such topics as adolescent brain development, trauma-informed teaching, and healthy boundaries.


My poem, "Father," was chosen for publication in the 2016-2017 San Diego Poetry Annual.

The Modern Laureate, a literary journal

I worked on the editorial board of The Modern Laureate, a literary journal focused on modern retellings of classic stories. I've written book reviews, event reviews, and conducted interviews with artists and authors, including a forthcoming interview with writer Ryan North, author of Romeo and/or Juliet and To Be or Not To Be.


My poem, "Afterglow," was published in the 2014-2015 San Diego Poetry Annual.