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Comparing and Contrasting NFL Athletes and Freelance Writers

With the NFL in season and the most recently aired documentary, “League of Denial” targeting the league, it’s safe to say the NFL is a hot topic right now. Part of my job consists of editing articles about football. Of course, this got me thinking about player’s careers. I quickly realized the similarities between the careers of NFL players and freelance writers.

In essence, freelance writers are free agents who get picked up by different publishing agencies because of their skills, just as football players are traded to different teams. However the similarities, there are also some striking differences between NFL players’ careers and freelance writers that benefit the writer.

7 Great Examples of How to Craft Convincing Copy

Whether you want to sell something or create an ongoing relationship with your site visitors, web copy can help you accomplish this.

Copy is the style of writing intended to make sales and increase conversions. When done well, it helps sell products and services. Good web copy is also a staple to great web design since it guides viewers around a page. Without this type of text, online users would be lost.

Convince Your Audience with These 5 Persuasive Writing Techniques

The goal of persuasive writing is to convince your reader to act accordingly or agree with your point-of-view. You want your writing to be clear and consistent so the reader can understand your argument and arrive at the conclusion you desire. Product copy, comparison articles, and many Sharebait articles incorporate persuasive writing techniques.

You're Using Fallacies and You Don't Even Know It

There are many persuasive tools available to an arguer, but some forms of reasoning are stronger than others. Whether or not a conclusion is true, the argument used can still be fallacious. A fallacy is an argument that uses poor logical form but disguises itself as a valid, logical argument by sounding appealing.

Real World Examples of Aristotle's Persuasive Appeals

Examining Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in real world marketing.

Literary Devices That Do and Don't Work in Blog Writing

Highlighting some common literary devices, and specifying which will elevate or inflate your blog writing.

What People Think When I Tell Them I'm a Writer

Exploring the False Stereotypes of writers, reinforced in mainstream media through movie characters and authors.