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Risk of Asbestos Exposure to Plumbers and Right to Compensation

Risks plumbers face with regards to asbestos exposure and the available options for compensation.
Beware of the risk of asbestos exposure you may face on a job site and your rights to compensation in case you become a victim to the effects of asbestos exposure.
Just like any other maintenance profession, plumbers are prime to the risk of asbestos exposure. Pumps, valves, boilers, tanks, and other building products and materials may contain significant and dangerous amounts of asbestos. ATSDR (The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Regulation) says most exposures occur during repair, renovation, removal, or maintenance of materials containing asbestos.
Plumbers exposure to asbestos, more so if they don’t wear protective gear, comes from:
• Asbestos dust and asbestos fibers
• Asbestos-containing tools such as welding rods, cement, gaskets etc.
• Asbestos-containing materials such as pipe coating, certain plastics, thermal insulation, aircell, block insulation etc.
Activity entailing use of asbestos-containing materials and products evokes the asbestos elements, causing the discharge of poisonous dust and strands into the air. When inhaled, they can lead to the development of cancers and other chronic illnesses.
Plumbers should avoid areas of high risk of asbestos exposure and need to wear protective gear. Avoid being near asbestos dust release areas such as properties being worked by bricklayers and drywall specialists.