I am a freelance designer with 5 years of experience working for startups in Silicon Valley. Most of my career has focused on UX design and web development, so I love making my infographics interactive and responsive for the web. Beyond that, I have created guides, motion graphics, and illustrations for the many projects in which I have had to portray information.


Ukulele, watercolor painting, learning languages


West Chicago, IL

Evolution of the USDA Food Guide

An interactive infographic that shows the history of the visual representation of the USDA food guides from 1954–2017.

Gun Laws and Statistics – USA and Canada

An infographic that compares gun laws in the USA and Canada, and the effects it has on the safety of their citizens.

Clover Sim Swap Guide

A guide to help customers replace their old sim card with a new sim card in their Clover devices. Designed for print.

The Course Hero Marketplace

A video that explains how the Course Hero Marketplace works