Embracing Imperfect is a lifestyle blog for moms raising kids with disabilities and autism. I focus on  nontoxic living, special diets (like gluten free), wellness for moms, tech, travel and faith. I provide parents easy hacks to help deal with the challenges of raising our precious kids, and inspire them to raise kids that thrive! I'm also a health & wellness freelance blogger and have been blogging for 15 years. I'm happily married, have 2 daughters and one cat.


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Allentown, PA

Tips on How to Save Money in the Holiday Season

Living a nontoxic life to help our kids who have food sensitivities or allergies and other special needs can be difficult. As moms, we strive to make the most affordable choices, yet we know that cheaper items can contain toxins than their better quality counterparts whether we’re buying food, bath care, cookware, supplies – or just about anything. Learn my tricks to get the most for my money.

Beautiful Smoothie Bowls by Carissa Bonham

Learn what a smoothie bowl is and why it's a better choice, along with my review of Carissa Bonham's book and a video on how to make a smoothie bowl!

How To Be Authentic Online

Can you have authenticity in today's day and age? Yes, but it takes courage! Learn how I do it and what motivates me to stay brave.