I have a B.A. degree in English and 25 years of professional writing, editing, and document design experience, primarily for business in marketing and administrative management positions. Projects on which I have been involved encompass manuals, proposals, business plans, presentations, newsletters, journals/magazines, event programs, marketing materials, press releases, website content, and blog articles.

I also write fiction and have published nine books, since 2014, under the pseudonym of Holly Bargo.

Editing is another service I provide. As a card-carrying member of the grammar police, I excel at editing for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax. Where writing is weak or flabby, I suggest alternative phrasing to strengthen or tighten it. Authors trust me to edit their manuscripts; colleagues rely on me to edit their clients' documents.


Reading, fiction writing, horses, llamas, alpacas, cats, dogs, cooking shows


Springfield, Ohio

The Key Group International Inc.

I edited website content for this strategic political and corporate consulting firm.

The Mighty Finn

Boy meets girl.

Author Charlotte Forsythe is determined not to be a victim again. Her Great Dane, Finn, makes sure of it. While vacationing Finn in San Diego, Charlotte meets Navy SEAL Eric Outerbach. It doesn’t go well. Eric begs forgiveness.

Boy and girl become friends.

They make a long distance friendship work through texts and phone calls. The film rights to two of Charlotte’s books are sold and she heads back out to California to supervise the conversion of written content to the silver screen. And the friendship's not so long distance after all.

Boy and girl fall in love.

How could she not fall in love with a handsome, sexy warrior like Eric? How could he not love a woman as gentle and forgiving as Charlotte?

A guardian’s duty ends.

Finn is mighty, but old. It’s time to pass on the duties of love and protection to someone else.

Black of Heart

I served as ghostwriter for Rachel Powers for the first installment of a paranormal romance serial.

Russian Lullaby

A case of mistaken identify lands graduate student Giancarla Bonetti in a heap of trouble, only to be rescued by Bratva interrogator Vitaly Synvolka. Sensing that she's his final opportunity to save what's left of his humanity after a lifetime of brutality, he offers the innocent young woman three options: go back to her life and be killed by the thugs who kidnapped her; go far, far away and start a new life at a new school and hope the thugs don't find her; or, marry him, accept his protection, and finish her degree.

Option #3 isn't as easy as it sounds.

Peace in the East Music + Wellness Festival

I wrote a proposal for this New York street festival with the purpose of soliciting sponsors and musical talent to perform at the event.

Malta SEZ Strategic Plan

I contributed content and edited content written by others for a strategic plan for the establishment of a special economic zone and commodities exchange for Malta. This document was presented to the prime minister of Malta in May 2016.

Tiger in the Snow

Healing from a deserved drubbing at the hands of Atlas Leonidus, Siberian tiger shifter Dmitry Alkaev travels from Cairo to Virginia. The strange compulsion leads him to his mate and a fearsome rival. Faced with a modern woman's determination to remain independent, Dmitry unleashes charm and ruthlessness to claim her and, he hopes, redeem his honor.

Tessa Hart's romantic Valentine's Day weekend ends in utter disaster. Fate drops her into the arms of two big, handsome men who both assert their ownership over her. She wants to remain independent, but finds herself inexorably drawn to Dmitry. He's tall, sexy, overbearing, and absolutely certain that she belongs to him. The choice, eventually, is hers. Accepting him means the end of life as she knows it and the beginning of a life she cannot fathom.

The Diamond Gate

Every night for two years, seven sisters—princesses all—walked beneath silver trees hung with jeweled fruit, crossed a still black lake, and danced to liquid music with their faerie suitors. Every night for two years, their shoes collapsed and kept the city's cobblers busy.

His schemes for political and trade alliances thwarted by his daughters' nightly disappearances, the royal duke of Nuygenie invited royalty and aristocrats from far and wide to solve the mystery and win the hand of a princess. They came and they failed.

Then a common soldier, aged by war and years, thought to try his luck and improve his circumstances. A kindness to an old hag resulted in a magic cloak of invisibility and excellent advice that he put to good use to break the enchantment that held the princesses in thrall to their fey suitors.

Rejoicing, the duke elevated the soldier to serve as his general, so that the man might have rank befitting his royal bride. General Miles Carrow chose the eldest sister, Aurora, and wondered at the emptiness of their betrothal. The duke then cemented other political and trade alliances with the blood of his other children: Crown Prince Eric, Prince Ascendant Jonathan, Princesses Rose, Pearl, Celeste, Grace, Lily, and Hope. The two youngest princes, Roderick and Simon, were yet too young to be married off as benefited Nuygenie.

The passage beneath was blocked and sealed with iron. The sisters did not discuss all they had lost. No one ever asked them if they had even wanted to be rescued.

This is the story after the faerie tale.