Born in the Philippines, but grew up in Texas, Iris has been traveling and writing about it for well over a decade. She has been all over Europe, the US, and has recently started exploring Latin America. She loves tennis, trying local cuisine and visiting UNESCO deemed World Heritage sites. Her favourite city is New York, with London, following a close 2nd.


Food, travel, sports, history, culture, international relations


Fort Worth

Travel Grub

Wondering where and what to eat when traveling? This book will make that difficult decision a lot easier. From the estancias of Argentina to the food halls in London, there is something for everyone to like.

Oli Explores London

This is a delightful story of a five-year-old boy named Oli, his magical hats, and his unforgettable travel adventures. His first trip takes him to London, England where he meets a handful of colorful characters, from a jubilant Yeoman Guard to a fearless “bobby” while exploring and learning about the stunning sights of the city. Oli Explores London is the first in a series of illustrated children’s books designed to foster a child’s imagination so that he or she would be inspired to travel and learn more about the world beyond their usual surroundings. Filled with unique characters and vivid illustrations of London’s most exciting and recognizable attractions, this book will stir a child’s curiosity and and will charm parents who are looking for something engaging to read with their children.

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A collection of city guides from cities around the world.

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A collection of travel related articles with topics ranging from Holocaust memorial sites to queueing at Wimbledon.