I'm a creative thinker with a keen eye for detail and a love for graphic design, UI/UX, and life in general. I've created and managed a wide range of projects including infographics, motion graphics, and interactive websites and applications to name a few.


Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Skateboarding, legos, and Underwater Basket Weaving


Kaysville, Utah

The Elements and Principles of Design: A Designer’s Toolbox

Every designer is different. We all have our individual strengths, tastes, opinions, and preferences. But what great designers all share is an understanding of the elements and principles of design.

Consider the aptly equipped builder tasked with building a home. Despite the fact he has the correct tools for every situation he could encounter, he is only comfortable using a handful of them. He does the best with what he understands, but many of his otherwise useful tools lay in the toolbox unused and/or misunderstood.

Creating an Effective Infographic — Part 2

I recently posted the first 3 steps in my Infographic workflow. Like I mentioned previously, my goal is to share my workflow with you in hopes that it will assist you in either (a) getting started on your first Infographic or (b) refining your own workflow. Last time we covered (1) Ideation, (2) Gathering Data and (3) Finding the Narrative.

This week we will be covering the remaining steps: (4) Planning the look and feel, (5) The Design Process and (6) Going Live.

Creating an Effective Infographic – Part 1

Whether you are an infographic newbie or seasoned infographic designer never stop asking yourself that question. A good designer never stops learning, experimenting and revising. Even the most refined project or process in your portfolio could be improved upon in some way.

Infographics From Hell

Every day countless infographics are posted, viewed, and shared. Many of these infographics fall far below their potential. Here are some common design pitfalls that will drag your infographic straight to Hell (I realize this is overdramatic, but it’s almost Halloween -give me a break).

How Smartphones Now Cater to Children

While smartphones were once reserved for important business men in suits, children of all ages now have the world in their hands.

Bird Bath

Digital illustration: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Just Hanging Out

Digital illustration: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

12 Startups That are Shaping the Future of Healthcare

From patient data management and 3D prosthetic to diagnostic mobile apps and personalized cancer treatment, the landscape of the healthcare industry is undergoing incredible change.

10 Benefits Businesses Offer Employees

This infographic, created for Ohio University, visualizes ten benefits that most businesses offer employees.