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How to Approach Blogger Outreach Like a Journalist

Thankfully, the days of waiting for an editor to answer a phone call or respond to a letter sent via post (gasp!) are long gone. But, there are still plenty of things we can learn from the trailblazers of the content pitch. Whether you’re trying to get your content featured on a news site or just trying to write better pitches, read on for some old school tenets of journalism that apply to modern day outreach.

What Marketers Can Learn From Food Bloggers

Content marketers, listen up, because food bloggers can teach you about way more than what to make for dinner tonight.

Why We Love Celebrity Meltdowns (And Why Marketers Should Care)

Miley Cyrus' controversial performance at the MTV VMAs serves as a great example of what elicits a strong emotional response. By examining why this resonated with so many people, marketers can gain insight into the sinister side of the human psyche.

How Parallelism Drastically Improves Your Writing

Well-meaning writers often fall victim to faulty parallelism since it seems at odds with using variety in your writing. But, parallel structure is crucial for clear, organized writing.

What The Bachelor Can Teach You About Hooking An Audience

If you want to know how to capture and keep attention, you need to study who’s already doing it incredibly well. And the answer to what makes people return to your content can be learned from one of the longest-running reality TV shows: The Bachelor.