A newbie adult, grad student, and freelance writer. INTP. A fan of the scientific and the creative, although still trying to reconcile the two in her head, probably deluding herself into thinking that she can have the best of both worlds. Also a reluctant optimist.

I have been a freelance writer and editor for more than a year. Having formal education in General Science and Biology, I specialize in science articles - from educational or academic topics to medical sciences, and services involving science and technology. However, I am extremely flexible and my professional experience has allowed me to write and edit across several topics like travel, parenting, beauty, health and fitness, and nursing.


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The ‘Selfie Generation’: Seeing Beyond The Narcissism

“There is nothing new about the selfie and the statement it makes. (...) [In fact, there is] something beautiful about a generation that believes that it is worth being seen or being looked at.”
A commentary and a different way to look at the scathing popular belief that the millennials are a generation of vain, self-centered individuals.