Lauren Katulka is a happily married freelance writer living on Australia's Central Coast. When she's not playing around with words she loves roller skating, spending time in the kitchen, watching indie films and cuddling her Devon Rex cat, Gizmo.

10 New-Age Relaxation Techniques for Kids

Childhood isn’t always the carefree time it’s cracked up to be. Studies show that one in ten kids suffer from mental health problems including stress, anxiety and depression. Time-outs and cuddles can only do so much, says Michele Pullo. The creator of says relaxation techniques can help kids cope with the pressures of modern life.

A Case for Manscaping

In the 1960s and '70s men and women everywhere allowed their hair to grow freely, both on their heads and below the belt. Nowadays, it seems the ladies have left the lads behind. While many women have embraced v-styling (up to 60 percent according to research from Indiana University researchers Debby Herbenick and Vanessa Schick), many men are still reluctant to reach for the razor.

The 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Orgasms

It seems silver screen goddess Mae West was onto something when she famously said, "An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away." The elusive Big O doesn’t just bring on a flood of feel-good hormones; it also comes with a host of surprising health benefits.

Prince @ State Theatre, Sydney

I feel like I’ve been floating on a bit of a cloud since Sunday night. Not even a workload so heavy that I haven’t been able to write up a review until now has been able to penetrate my post-concert haze. That is the feeling you get when you leave one of the very best concerts you’ve ever seen.

Explore Houston, Texas, a Modern City in Cowboy Country

As America's fourth largest city, there's always something exciting to see or do in Houston, Texas. This sprawling urban center features celebrated restaurants, exciting retail spaces, beautiful parklands, and first-rate attractions, as well as a variety of hotel options.

Rob Thomas @ Sydney Opera House Forecourt

It’s been six long years since Rob Thomas graced us with a solo tour. That time around he was promoting his sophomore solo album Cradlesong and the heavens opened up, making Hope Estate a soggy muddy mess. Yesterday couldn’t have been more different, a steamy summer’s day that made me worry about getting burned even with a wide-brimmed hat and healthy helping of 50+ sunscreen.

How to Manage Your Team Successfully Without Micromanaging

“Incompetent.” “Like they don’t trust me.” “On the edge of an emotional breakdown.”
When workplace communication expert Dr. Michelle Mazur asked her Facebook fans how being micromanaged made them feel, this is what they said.

Six Strings Tour – Review

Should I ever appear on RocKwiZ, I’m glad that I have a credible answer to the question “What was the first piece of music you bought with your own money?” While some people might cringe at their younger self, I can proudly remember the moment when I visited my nearest Brashs and bought Matchbook, Ian Moss’s first solo album, on cassette.

Creative Spotlight: 5 Tips for Creating Compelling Ideations

Developing a great story idea with little more than your client’s name or a keyword for inspiration can be challenging. However, there are a number of strategies which can make the task less daunting.