Melissa Nott holds bachelor's degrees in psychology and education. For the past 16 years, she has taught in a public school system. Topics of interest include diet, animals, charity, education, psychology, ethics, gambling, music, nature , business, finance, insurance, parenting, cosmetic procedures, and health.


Business, education, health, home improvement, humor, music, parenting, psychology, sociological issues, vegetarianism, the welfare of animals, writing. Just about everything else, too. Knowledge makes us rich.



Are You Ready for 5G?

5G technology is coming soon to a phone near you. But what exactly is 5G, and how will it be any better than 4G or 3G? Find out here.

To Skylight or Not to Skylight? That is the Question

When my family and I moved into a home with skylights, I had some concerns. So I did some research, and this is what I found.

Dear Sir or Madame, Thank You for Rejecting Me

A short story of mine was accepted for an anthology by Wayman Publishing. They asked me to contribute a guest post to their blog. It's about something every writer has to deal with at one time or another: Rejection.

Earth Group: A Beverage Company With a Conscience

The success story of a college-aged entrepreneur with a heart of gold inspired me to write this post for Freedom Fast Lane.

The Case Against Mandatory Third Grade Retention

As a teacher and writer, I enjoy contributing articles about educational issues to

Three Ways "Frankenburger" Will Educate the Masses

As a vegetarian and animal rights activist, I enjoyed writing this and other titles for The Flaming Vegan.