Clare L. Deming lives in New Jersey and once applied to be an astronaut. She works her day job at night and writes fiction, book and film reviews, and articles by day. Her fiction has appeared in Space and Time Magazine, Perihelion SF, and Stupefying Stories. Clare is also an avid fencer and blogs about sport fencing at


Genre fiction, books, fencing, triathlon, cycling, pets, languages.


New Jersey, USA

Best Graphic Novels for Kids

An article for Love To Know on the best graphic novels for kids.

Types of Assistance Dogs

An article for Love To Know about the different types of assistance dogs.

Secret Space Escapes: The Real Life Gravity

My coverage of the Secret Space Escapes panel at NY ComicCon 2015 for BSC Kids.

NY Comic Con

My coverage of the 2013 NY Comic Con.

Book Review Example

This is an example of a recent book review I wrote. This is for The Martian by Andy Weir.