I'm a visual storyteller and digital nomad battling an addiction to maps and menus. I booked a one-way ticket from Chicago to Australia in 2013 and have been on the go since. I only took a backpack and my camera bag when departed the States, not knowing which direction my life was going to go, but I was determined to make it work. I'm currently working as a lifestyle photographer based in Chicago focused on capturing emotionally raw imagery for adventurous spirits.


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Travel Couple Interview

It takes courage to quit a stable job and head out into the unknown. And it can take even more to do it without someone to hold your hand. So far in our interview series we’ve met couples who’ve decided to take the leap together — with the support of the other the whole way. But now you’re about to meet two travelers who did it alone! Their individual courage ultimately brought them together — you might say it was fate! — but these two individuals were successfully traveling solo before they met. Chris Tyre of Chicago, Illinois and Ismary Torres of Barcelona, Venezuela are proof that you can do this alone… and that you can meet amazing people (even that special someone) along the way.

She thought I was sweet talking her

The challenges and successes of travel dating.