I'm the former Community Manager for CopyPress, and I'm also the founder of Tampa travel blog I like to write about what I eat, where I go, and what I know.

After graduating from high school in rural western Pennsylvania, I moved to Florida and received my B.A in Writing from the University of Tampa. Now I'm stoked to be a writer and get to help others achieve their dream of being a writer too.


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Drafting My Fantasy Blog Squad

Since my fantasy football team is in the toilet – (thanks a lot Chris Johnson and Greg Jennings), I decided to draft another type of fantasy team.

So here it is – my fantasy draft picks and reasons for my selections to build my ultimate blog team. I guarantee that this Fantasy team would be much more successful than the “Iron City Six Pack.”

A Case Study in Blog Brainstorming: How We Came Up with This Month’s Ideas

Keeping up with content creation for a blog is a major undertaking, and coming up with ideas, well, that is half of the battle.

This is especially true for our CopyPressed blog. With such a heavy publishing schedule (four posts/day), sometimes it feels like the idea pool has drained dry. So this month we decided to try something different.

Stolen Content: Is it Scraped, Plagiarism, or Copyright Infringement?

So when a blog I wrote (6 Subheadings Strategies You Need to Know) received a trackback from another post (Get Easy Scannability with Subheadings), I went to check it out. But I was disappointed to find that my article was not referenced as a resource. Instead it was only mentioned at the end of the article under an “Acknowledgement.”

Six Hooks That Make Your Blog Irresistible

Routinely writing about the same topic, category, or concept gets boring fast.

To keep your content fresh and engaging for readers, you need to incorporate content hooks that catch your readers’ attention and reel them in. We can call these “connection hooks”, because they’re ways to connect a concept to something else readers care about.

6 Subheading Strategies You Need to Know

One thing can kill your blog post faster than a boring topic and flat language: subheading mistakes.

Of course, the biggest mistake of all is not using subheadings. Readers need subheadings so they can quickly find what they are looking for. Subheadings and space breaks give them the scannability and simplicity they crave.

A Love Bug Story

All those who say love is a battlefield… are right. All along Florida’s highways, lovers are prematurely departing from one another at a rapid pace. I know this because I found about a hundred of them stuck to my windshield. It is LOVE BUG season.

Marketing Insights from the Manti Te'o Scandal

When it comes to the Internet (and a lot of other things), it is still our natural tendency to bend toward initial belief.