7 Great Examples of How to Craft Convincing Copy

Whether you want to sell something or create an ongoing relationship with your site visitors, web copy can help you accomplish this.

Copy is the style of writing intended to make sales and increase conversions. When done well, it helps sell products and services. Good web copy is also a staple to great web design since it guides viewers around a page. Without this type of text, online users would be lost. 

Maybe you’re a budding entrepreneur building a website, or you’re a product copy writer for CopyPress. Whatever your goal, you’ve traveled to this article to learn from great copy examples. 

Show Proof


Image via  mailchimp.com

Steer your bandwagon right toward the financially savvy viewer. Show them what they’re missing out on with data. Mail Chimp’s copy reads, “More than 5 million people use MailChimp to design and send email marketing campaigns. Join them today.”

This simple yet effective marketing strategy highlights the company’s success through the large number of users they’ve already acquired. It follows this data with a call-to-action to elicit the viewer to join MailChimp.

Use Wit


Image via lapiuma.com 

Your copy needs to entice the reader while also explaining what your company can do for them. La Piuma is a web and brand developer, they use imagery and metaphors that play on their own brand. “La Piuma,” in Italian literally translates to “the feather” in English.

Their copy reads, “Open your wings, we are La Piuma.” With this closing, they are emphasizing how easy success is if you use their company.

Set the Scene

Milan a Roll Jacket in Beige   Mod Retro Vintage Jackets   ModCloth.com

Image via modcloth.com

ModCloth is famous for their scene-setting product descriptions. Much of CopyPress’ copy writing involves product descriptions. These descriptions can be the difference between selling a product or putting someone to sleep. Even if this description doesn’t mention specific features, it makes the reader imagine themselves in the hip jacket, motoring through Italian city streets by saying, “hop on your scooter, zip the asymmetrical neckline of this beige jacket just so, and speed off to the next fashion show.”

The creative description plants the fashionable reader in a majestic world. The best way to sell a product is  make the reader feel like they already own it.

Keep it Real

Black Rabbit  Creative Spendidoriam

Image via blackrabb.it

Sometimes honest rhetoric is the best web copy. This is especially true if you’re in the creative field.

BlackRabbit is Peter Coles’ web design portfolio. The copy reads, “This is my website. There are many like it… but this one is mine. You could say something like this to your friends after I build you something totally rad that even Private Pyle would totally dig. Ten four, over and out.”

This copy screams personality and creativity. Because Coles uses everyday language, his quirky character reflects on his page. He follows this copy with examples from his portfolio, and then more quirky copy explaining who he is and what he does.

Make it Funny


Image via pleaseinvitemetodribbble.com

Some web copy executes the most difficult form of comedic writing, satire. On this site created as a plea to get access to Dribbble, an invitation-only community for designers , Davy Kestens uses his creativity and web design skills to mock the typical invitation request template.

The copy, “I even drew a Chart! Designers love charts!” cleverly taunts what someone expects from a web designer. The intent is to make the reader laugh, and then invite Kestens to dribble. Clearly, from the scratch-outs, he was successful.

Put it in Context

Color Me Rad Tampa Bay Area Deal of the Day   Groupon Tampa Bay Area

Image via groupon.com

Groupon does a great job explaining certain offerings, highlighting the fine print, and summarizing the deal. They do all this in a very creative way as well.

Here, Groupon gives some hilarious history behind foot races, “[this] is why most races are measured in kilometers and why most of the pilgrims were eaten by bears.” They close the product copy with a call to action, “Race to the top of the food chain with this Groupon.” In addition, they offer an “In a Nutshell” section summarizing the event. Make your copy organized, clever, and easy to summarize.

Appeal to Aesthetics


Image via masswerks.com

Copy can be as simple as, “Rentals have never looked this good. Search over 10,000 stunning holiday and vacation rentals in Asia.” With the right web design to support it, copy can be as clean, simple, and appealing as the images accompanying it.

All web copy should be unique to the product or page it is describing. However, continue to draw inspiration from great examples around the web so your copy doesn’t fall flat for web surfers and online shoppers.